1998, Crazy Horse Unveiled

Two events in the history of Mount Rushmore make 1998 a special year. First, a $58 million project to refurbish and update the visitor center and all visitor facilities was completed and opened to the public.

While not technically part of the Mount Rushmore monument, the second event of note was the unveiling of the completed face of the Crazy Horse Monument nearby. This Native American monument was a reaction to the Mount Rushmore memorial, and it is noteworthy for being both larger in scale as well as being completely funded through private donations. US governmental offers for funding to aid in the construction of the Crazy Horse monument have been politely declined. The Crazy Horse construction still continues, with funding being generated by tourism fees and matching grant programs. Even though the original sculptor, Korczak Ziolkowski, died in 1982, the work has continued even through present day.

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